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Fairy Footprints

Hello my name is Leaf Fairy, welcome to my dream...

I first learnt how to make fairy wings in March 2008 when I went on the free your fairy course at Fairy Love where queen of the fairies Shelley Fairy shared her magic with me...

It was there Jason Fairy gave me a little piece of paper with the words - "You are an accomplished fairy in all regards. Take time for yourself now. This is where your soul needs to sing its song loudest",

So that is exactly what I'm doing...

I am fairy and I believe by sharing my love for making wings and the magic of being a fairy with you I am making the world a better more sparkly place for us all, after all who wouldn't want a world full of happy colourful fairies dancing about and each having their chance to shine in their own truly amazing way.

With the love of my friends and fairy family as well as my own family who all believe in me and who have helped me through when my world turned black, they have all taught me to trust and keep on believing because being a fairy is what makes me the person I am!

Come take my hand, close your eyes, make a wish and let your fairy footprints run free for the whole world to see...

Where you believe there is magic ...you will find it!

Leaf Fairy

Leaf Fairy


Beautifully handmade and super robust wings, made to specifics. I'm lucky enough to own 2 pairs with a 3rd pair soon. Highly recommend for all your wing needs xx.

Lisa Le Sauras

Beautiful wings, custom made with love. Truly fab :):-

Geo 'Blue Skies' Willis

Absolutely beautifully crafted. You can see a lot of care and love went into the making and maybe a little fairy dust! My daughter absolutely loves her new wings and looks fabulous in them. Thank you for putting a little magic in our lives. xx

Alexandra Lawson

Brilliant quality wings. My daughters wings are 3 years old, and are still going strong. 
They look amazing too

Kate Stevens

Beautiful glittertastic magical wings love em xxx

Michelle England